The Crypto world has got its popularity for the last couple of years. People got the idea about altcoins and learned the best crypto to invest in. More and more programs appear on the market to meet the needs of coding experts. However, it may be a real challenge to find the project you may invest in. There are lots of new crypto coins and it is hard to track the tendencies on the market.

How do you know what are the best coins to invest in? If you want to try yourself in coding and work with a promising project, you should perform huge research. A great avalanche of new projects has entered the market recently. Some of them are great and may help you draw benefits from the online activity. But others are quite moderate and don’t represent a quality approach.

Do you want to generate more tokens? When you decide to invest in altcoins, make sure you choose the relevant and promising project. You have the choice. You may either rush into the different market opportunities and choose at random. Or you may learn how to invest in tokens and what activities to opt for and succeed.

The Best Online activities for New Crypto Coins

It is time to learn more about new coins and the best ways to manage them with the application of promising projects. Let’s take a look at the most popular programs recently launched on the web.

1.    Hashbon (Hash Token)

Hashbon has got its high ratings due to the convenience of application. Users admit that the payment provider offers great top-notch services to the server clients. It enables online transactions all over the world with the operation of online currency. Its payment solutions impress with smooth and simple integration. With Hashbon, you may manage up to 30 different currencies, so you can choose the best crypto to invest in. What are other benefits of the provider?

  • No money laundering is present when you deal with Hashbon. The system will check crypto before it gets to the market. The chances that you get the wrong thing are minimal.
  • What about the commission? Many users are highly concerned about the commission that such providers offer. Here you will benefit from a zero transaction commission for the payments processing. If you want to convert your assets, you will need to pay a 1% exchange commission. But these figures are comparatively small if we take other crypto providers.
  • You will be amazed by the interface of the platform. Everything is done fast and the procedure is quite clear. It will be easy for the user to manage the verification process and browse through the website. 
  • Moreover, in February Hashbon launched its utility Hash Token that gives its holders a chance to use some beneficial features, such as cashback, lower rates and many others.

The payments are easily done without the need to open the website. You can manage all the money transactions using an email address or a messenger. There’s also a responsive team of managers who are ready to answer your questions.

2.    Bluzelle

Bluzelle plays a critical place among the avalanche of promising crypto projects on the web. The project is focused on data storage. Apps with a blockchain basis may use the project for different data storage opportunities.

  • If you are low on a budget and want to save some money on the tokens, Bluzelle is a perfect platform for you. It offers quite manageable fees for the users. There are lots of storage companies on the web. They charge immense fees from the users, while Bluzelle provides compatible expenditures.
  • When using the platform, you don’t need to pay multiple times. Your task is to cover the fee first and then receive the same price for the feast of the time.
  • All the processes are fast. No need to wait until the system responds to the request.

“Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized data storage, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet.”

Dr. Michael Egorov, Encryption Expert, and CTO Nucypher


Let’s get to the last but not least platform for digital currency purchases. SPI is a promising platform that will make the operation of currency different online. You may enjoy the process and benefit from the features of the website:

  • You can get access to the free shipping option. There’s also smooth access to VPN. And all the users will get support from token airdrops.
  • If you join the community and become one of the token holders, you may get a 10% discount on your online purchases.
  • Want to order something online? Now you can cover the expenses with cryptocurrency at ease. SPI enables its token holders to manage shopping without any additional accounts.

Now, you can integrate your currency resources into the market and utilize them for paying the price of the items on the websites.

Final Words

It is high time to join the promising world of crypto. The integration process may get smoother when you utilize well-designed activities to facilitate the procedures. This article focuses on the most popular and useful projects for crypto traders.

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