If you are a gamer you know that Twitch is, as advertised, “the world’s leading streaming platform for gamers and the things we love.” According to Mediakix, Twitch has 15 million active daily users (DAUs).

In order to build your audience on this gaming social media platform, you need viewers to gain the edge over your competition. This means you need to stand out from the rest on Twitch. Here are some tips for getting more Twitch viewers to your Twitch account.

1) Get on Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes made by Twitch video creators is that they forego using social media as a means of building their audience. Social media is a powerful and dynamic strategy that pro Twitch creators use to gain “brand” recognition and to draw attention to their videos.

The most successful game streamers use Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter apps to connect with their fans and to create a more personal presence that is authentic. A huge benefit of using social media for your Twitch account is that by expanding your social media presence, you will expose your videos to more potential new followers that you would not otherwise have.

2) Watch and Be Active with Other Streamers

Reciprocity is one of those overlooked and underused concepts on Twitch. The top streamers watch other streamers and are active in those chats. If you present yourself as an interesting and engaged person on other streamers’ videos, their viewers are more apt to check out your streaming channel and follow you.

Another way that watching other streamers can help you build your audience relates to building a positive relationship with those popular streamers who may in turn (reciprocity) host your or give your channel a plug that can result in big exposure.

3) Strategically Choose the Games You Stream

It is obvious that you should not stream unpopular games. However, it may be less obvious to avoid the wildly popular games as well due to the amount of competition you face. Therefore, check out the games that offer 10 to 20 streamers who are streaming. This will help you rank higher and avoid getting lost in the streams displayed.

In other words, avoid unpopular games and games with high competition to avoid getting lost in the crowd. You want to stand out in the crowd in your gaming category. When you choose a category and game that allows you to rank higher in Twitch’s search results, you are more likely to build your audience.

4) Meetups and Events

While there is not much going on in the face-to-face concept for meetups and events, there are likely several virtual meetups and events for gamers you can attend to build your credibility and network with other streamers and fans.

If there are any local, small groups gathering in person, look for PAX, MineCon, Twitch Con, Supanova, or other events that may provide virtual meetups and events over face-to-face meetings. Whatever you do, be sure to build relationships with other streamers, make new friends, gain new followers, and exchanges tips and tricks for games. Face-to-face or virtual meetings are effective.

5) Spend Some Time to Create a Stand-Out Twitch Layout

It is well worth your time and effort to ensure your Twitch account layout is graphically high-quality and pleasing to the eye. This will attract more viewers to your channel as a first impression that exudes professionalism and credibility.

What does a pro layout on Twitch look like? The webcam should be in the upper left or right corner, there should be a chat box active for viewers in fullscreen, and your usernames from other social media accounts should be shown in a rotating slideshow or list. Also, the addition of special widgets for displaying your latest hosts and followers promote viewer engagement.

6) Stream Longer – Stream on Other Channels

Two more effective ways to get attention to your Twitch streaming channels include streaming for several hours and streaming on other streaming channels like YouTube and Mixer. Technology has made streaming to other sites faster and easier, which means you can reach a larger audience faster and easier.

Streaming for several hours has its benefits as well. Streaming for a few minutes to one hour a day is not the most effective method of building an audience. However, streaming for three plus hours will generate higher ranking on Twitch. If you look, you will see the top streamers on this platform are online for between 5 and 10 hours per day. While you do not have to do that starting out, but the longer you do stream, the faster your following will develop.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips for getting more Twitch Live Stream viewers will help build your audience and your credibility.

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