We are living in the golden age of digital innovation, and as of today, there is no industry out there that hasn’t benefited from the digital landscape. From online stores to digital payments, modern technology has changed the way businesses used to work entirely. Businesses have adapted accordingly from time to time, and they are still doing it. With the introduction of e-signature, a lot of businesses have stopped using paper documents. But are e-signature safe, or can they put your business at risk? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that will convince you to use e-signature for your business.

A Simple Process

One of the main reasons to switch to e-signature is that it is quite a simple process, and it doesn’t require much effort. To sign a document digitally, all you have to do is share it with the signatory, and they will be able to sign it on their phone or tablet. Most businesses don’t switch to e-signature because they think it is complicated, but it is even simpler than signing the traditional document. You don’t have to go print the document or get some ink to sign the document anymore. All you have to do is open your mail, and you are done with it. So, if you haven’t tried the e-signature feature yet, you can check sodaPDF esign to learn more.

Saves You A Lot of Time

If you have clients from all around the country or your business functions in different cities, then you can run into trouble if some document needs urgent signing. In order to get that document signed, you will have to send it to the signatory via mail, and it can take up to a few days. Even if you use a fast service, it will take at least one day and will cost you some extra money as well. With the help of e-signature, all you have to do is e-mail the document to the signatory, and they will be able to sign it in a matter of a few minutes.

Digital Documents Are More Secure

Another misconception about e-signature documents is that they are less secure than paper documents, which is not true at all. In fact, digital documents are much more secure than paper documents, and you don’t have to worry too much about them falling into the wrong hands. Even if your e-document falls into the wrong hands, somehow, they will not be able to open it because of the extra layer of encryption. This is something you cannot say about paper documents. 

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Legally Recognized

Yes, you heard it right! Just like paper signatures, the digital signature also has legal value. In 1999 The Uniform Electronics Transaction act provided legal grounds for the use of e-signature. Later in 2000, the ESIGN law was passed as well, which made it possible for businesses to sign documents digitally and was a great step in digital innovation. Which means you don’t have to question the legal value of the document.

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