Marketing Trends

When you are aiming to keep up with the latest marketing trends for your online business, it allows you to stay in step with, or even overtake your competitors.

Ergo, in 2024, as more businesses turn to being online, you will need to be aware of which campaign trends and tricks are working and which ones are not. As marketing overall seems to be forever evolving, this is no small feat, and if you misstep, you may lose out drastically!

Worry not though, as here are 5 hot marketing trends that you should keep an eye out for in 2024, so read on to learn more!

AI Tools

AI, or artificial intelligence, is set to help businesses make the most of their website analytics to get the most back on their marketing. This involves assessing the quality of adverts, which ones have the highest click-through rate, and which products are trending and selling, all without human error!

It is important to have a marketing team to hand, like the one at who can help to assess the analytics of your website and adverts. Teamed with AI-based data, marketing strategies can be faster, more accurate and have the best return on investments.

Quality Content is Winning

Now, a lot of people have heard of ChatGPT, and many marketing companies are set to replace their writers with this AI bot.

Is this going to pan out? It appears not! Search engine algorithms can accurately detect AI content and will actively drop websites that use it in their rankings, meaning that should you use AI-generated content, you will be losing out on conversions. So, it’s worth investing in writers who can create original, plagiarism-free and high-quality content.

Influencer Marketing

If you want to boost your business’s marketing this year, look for influencers to partner with.

This can be a boon to your business, provided that the influencer matches your brand and that their content is in line with your own company’s morals. This can, and has, gone wrong for many businesses but with a bit of insight from a marketing team, pairing with an influencer to boost your brand can be the best decision you may make this year!


Remarketing is when you aim to attract a website visitor back to your page after they have left it, usually with emails or adverts.

This is not a new idea, but with an improvement in analytics (and AI), it is easier and more effective to use this to pull consumers back to your page, making it a popular trend for marketing in 2024.

Shorter Videos

This could be the result of TikTok or simply the merging with shorter adverts on YouTube but when it comes to advertising products with videos, people are less than impressed with content that is over 10 seconds long. So, short-form videos are winning!

When it comes to marketing for your business in 2024, you will need to keep any videos short, sweet, and succinct to help get your message across quickly and up website conversions. Again, this can be tricky to do by yourself and is a great reason to invest in a marketing agency to help you.

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