Did you know that most of your website visitors value your website design as much as the content in your blog? A study published in Research Gate revealed that 94% of users’ first impressions are related to web design. A different study established that 75% of consumers use a company’s website design to determine its credibility. Your web design determines the users’ experience, and 88% of customers may not return to your site if they have a negative first impression.

The following tips will help you to improve your website design as well as user experience:

Prioritise Site Speed

The site speed affects bounce rate, user experience, conversion and the company’s revenue. 47% of online customers do not expect a website’s loading time to exceed two seconds, and a slow site will only serve to send users away. Other than customers, search engines also consider a website’s loading speed when ranking sites. You should ensure that your site loads quickly.

Remove Distractions

Ensure that your blog posts and services page are capable of attracting users’ attention and keeping them hooked. One way of achieving this is using clear and descriptive headlines. Your headlines should identify what you can do for the visitors and how they will benefit from that. Avoid descriptions that are too long, or irrelevant images and videos.

Optimise Your Site for Mobile

With the majority of users accessing websites through their mobile devices, ensuring your site is optimized for viewing is essential for meeting the needs of users and improving the  possibility for repeated site visits. 

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

A study reported that 70% of sites owned by small businesses do not include a CTA on their homepage. An effective way of implementing a CTA is to place it at the top of your site navigation, below areas that require an action to be taken, and at the bottom of the site pages. A CTA  appears as a written command, which inspires website users to take actions such as signing up or purchasing a product. Marketers use it to turn site visitors into customers.

Get an Expert to Do It for You

If you do not know how to add certain website features on your own, a professional  web designer can help you achieve the results you desire.  Collaborating with a web design company can get you a website capable of growing your business.  Web designers use both technical and non-technical skills to plan, develop, and code your web pages in such a way that your requirements are met. It is their duty to ensure that your website looks great and works effectively.


A correctly designed website should be attractive and easy to navigate. If your website misses any of these essential features, it may be time to improve it. Other than providing high quality content, a website should be user-friendly. Without exceptional user experience, it will be difficult to retain customers and grow your business. The tips in this article will help you identify the areas to improve.    

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